I’m Rita, a Performance Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer with a passion for helping athletes stay in action. And I have a love-hate relationship with feet.

I love them because they are fascinating feats of engineering, unique as a fingerprint, and allow us the freedom to roam.

I hate them because they were a constant source of misery for me as a competitive track athlete. Raging shin splints, stabbing plantar fasciitis, and just feeling like my feet were my weakest link was a constant source of stress.

I became a strength coach, then a physical therapist, and finally, an athletic trainer to figure it all out. It took many years of trial and error because my experiences with traditional medicine and physical therapy were not at all helpful.

I’m happy to report that I’ve solved my foot and shin problems, and no longer have any pain with sports or activities I enjoy. I’ve made peace with my feet! And I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of athletes finally make peace with their own feet, without spending the time and frustrations that I did to get here.

With my husband Dave Chorba, a strength coach and trusty sidekick for all of my foot experiments, I started Fit Fast Feet to share what we’ve learned and what’s working for our athletes.

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