How to relieve pain on the top of your foot (when it’s in between the bones!)

Do you get pain on the top of your foot when you run? Does it feel like it’s in a place you can’t reach, like between the foot bones or toes? The key may be to stretch the muscles on the bottom of your foot first!

In this video, we show you the Metatarsal Muscle Release exercise that can help loosen up the deep muscles of your foot.

Instructions: The metatarsal muscle release exercise. You’re gonna need two tennis balls for this or what I like to use is youth lacrosse balls because they have some give and some squish. The first thing you’re gonna do is roll out the bottom of your foot, from heel to ball and if you find any tight spots you’re just stay on that massage those areas – spend a minute or two there.  Then you’re going to replace the ball underneath the ball of the foot, so that all the bones splay (you have 5 bones to your toes so they splay).  And just like the meat between ribs on a rack of ribs you’re going after the meat with this next part of the drill.  Take the second ball and you’re going to massage between those bones – you can go diagonal from the ankles the first toe and then up and down throughout all five.

Do you have pain on the top of your foot that’s not getting better? If you have questions, reach out to us. We answer every question.

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